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I hack, learn, and tell stories about what I found.πŸ‘€

Recent Work

The Worm NFT β†’
An experiment in permissionless, collaborative storytelling and soon, an experiment in sovereign digital life. Where most of my passion goes. See also: The Wriggler, the first completely permissionless expansion to the story of The Worm.‍

Composable NFTs for Fun & Profit β†’
An experiment in fully on-chain NFT trait and art composability. Explores bitpacking, composability, dumb reputation management, and high-tech mischief.
Course: Non-Linear and Interactive Storytelling - Into the Metaverse β†’
A graduate course designed for Ball State University and delivered in Spring 2022. Explores the future of non-linear and interactive storytelling in the metaverse with a focus on agency, immersion, and transformational experience.

Field Guide to UMA β†’
An updateable character sheet for CC0 character UMA, to assist in helping others to adapt UMA to their own projects. Completed in fulfillment of my winning proposal to the UMA Prop House community.‍

Malomo Order Tracking Concierge β†’
A UI templating system for making branded, customer-facing shipment tracking pages and notification emails. An actual working system I built, used, and onboarded customers to as Head of Product and Design at Malomo.

Virtual Office Interface β†’
A clean up of the interface that brings communication to the forefront. Clickthrough prototype.

Career Opportunity Manager β†’
A dashboard that turns Powderkeg's networking and job matching tools into a tech career command center. Clickthrough prototype/contract work

QR-Based Personal Messaging App β†’
A consumer-grade app for attaching personalized video messages to QR codes. Clickthrough prototype/contract work


What's on my mind these days:
  • Animal Agents for the Ethereum Execution Environment
  • Massively Multiplayer Permissionless Collaboration
  • Teaching & Learning

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