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I hack, learn, and tell stories about what I found.πŸ‘€

Recent Work

The Worm NFT β†’
An experiment in permissionless, collaborative storytelling and soon, an experiment in sovereign digital life. Where most of my passion goes. See also: The Wriggler, the first completely permissionless expansion to the story of The Worm.‍

Composable NFTs for Fun & Profit β†’
An experiment in fully on-chain NFT trait and art composability. Explores bitpacking, composability, dumb reputation management, and high-tech mischief.
Course: Non-Linear and Interactive Storytelling - Into the Metaverse β†’
A graduate course designed for Ball State University and delivered in Spring 2022. Explores the future of non-linear and interactive storytelling in the metaverse with a focus on agency, immersion, and transformational experience.

Malomo Order Tracking Concierge β†’
A UI templating system for making branded, customer-facing shipment tracking pages and notification emails. An actual working system I built, used, and onboarded customers to as Head of Product and Design at Malomo.

Virtual Office Interface β†’
A clean up of the interface that brings communication to the forefront. Clickthrough prototype.

Career Opportunity Manager β†’
A dashboard that turns Powderkeg's networking and job matching tools into a tech career command center. Clickthrough prototype/contract work

QR-Based Personal Messaging App β†’
A consumer-grade app for attaching personalized video messages to QR codes. Clickthrough prototype/contract work


How it Works: On chain vs. off chain NFT art (video) β†’
NFTs should be like emojis for the Metaverse πŸ‘€ β†’

Technical Post β€” How we breached The Worm β†’

Ambition’s Mission for 2022 β†’


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